Womb is Love, Womb is life.


Womb wellness is the center of being. Self-love, self-adoration and self-tender care is what makes a healthy temple of light. Just as this orchid opens to the sun, our love expands and fills our hearts to overflowing.  From the fullness of that love can we share.

Anatomy 101: Getting to know your physical self, get acquainted with your anatomy.

Book Club: Womb Wellness Wisdom Book Club by Queen Afua. 6-7pm EST; Tuesdays in 2015. Join by dailing (559) 726-1300.

Strength Building: How to Kegels. Yoni Eggs: A Beginner’s Guide.

Sacred Moon Flow: On Menstruation

The Womb Library: A Collective.

Moon Lodge Chronicles

Coming summer 2016…stay tuned..


Other moon lodge resources

Susun Weed’s Moon Lodge at the Wise Woman Center: upcoming 2015 dates & resources.

Articles on Moon Lodging: a book review of Honoring Your Menstruation at the Moon Lodge by Jan Calloway-Baxter

Moon Water & Luna Yoga. Blood Mysteries.

Wellness Center Resources

The BlackBerry Beauty

Adaku Utah and Harriet’s Apothecary in Brooklyn, NY. A collective of healers of the African Diaspora, continuing the work of traditional healing in the respective traditions of their ancestors.

Panquetzani + Indigemama breathes new life into ancestral traditions, offering time-tested techniques inspired by Mesoamerican medicine, Mexican folk healing, traditional foods, and herbalism. This includes womb steams, womb massages and more. The True Mayan Abdominal Massage Technique.

Dr. Akilah El and Celestial Healing Wellness Center in Riverdale, Georgia (not too far from Atlanta!). Naturopathic doctor taking appointments and specializing in fibroid treatment, Womb healing, nutrition and more. Visit the website for more info.

Rev. Dr. Mother Khoshhali and the Sadhana Wellness Center in Mount Vernon/Bronx, New York. Specializing in Womb Care teas and tonics. Visit the website for more info.

Nicole Kruck, LMT and Fertile Garden Massage Care at the YinOva Center in New York City, NY. Fertility enhancement, “Mayan Abdominal Massage Technique” (“Arvigo Therapy”), vaginal steams and more. Visit her website for more info.



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