Upkeep our fleshy temple


‘Happy Yogini’ by Artist: Meganne Forbes at http://www.meganneforbes.com

Coming Soon: PHYSICIAN, HEAL THYSELF. An online exhibit (first of its kind).

Open and receptive to our inner collective wisdom we are PachaMama, Mother Earth. As the great mother we listen to our inner self, parts and whole, cellular, organ collective and beyond outer intuitive. When we are in tune to these rhythms we are love itself manifested. CB is inspired by the painting above which has been described as an expression of joy, free-ness and ease of being. The figure’s posture is open and receptive to life and all it holds. It evokes courage, joy and receptivity, the ingredients for engaging in a fluid and loving relationship with your body and self. Let’s begin the journey…


Detox & Cleansing

Cleansing oneself for purifying and activating the potential of our clarity. Accessing the fullness of our light, clearing our vision of love with the journey of self-love – we create our healing hands. See our upcoming articles on cleansing and releasing for purification.


Healing Hands. Meganne Forbes.


Monthly Area of Focus: Womb is Love.


Tender Love and Care. Just as this orchid opens to the sun, our love expands and fills our hearts to overflowing.  From the fullness of that love we offer it to our lover: our womb, our self. The painting evokes love. We felt this painting is fitting to the theme for this months’s area of focus: vaginal womb tender love and care. Check back regularly this month by clicking on our Womb is Love page for updates!


Our Sacred Body: The Sex Chronicles



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