Ask our Resident Pharmacognosist


noun \ˌfär-mə-ˈkäg-nə-sē\

: a specialist in pharmacognosy, a branch of pharmacology dealing especially with the composition, use, and development of medicinal substances of biological origin and especially medicinal substances obtained from plants.  —phar·ma·cog·nos·tic \-ˌkäg-ˈnäs-tik\ or phar·ma·cog·nos·ti·cal \-ti-kəl\ adjective

Adapted from:
Pharmacognosists’ Corner:
Do you have a specific concern about an herb and/or interaction? Submit your questions or comments to our resident pharmacognosist!
Meet Dr. XLZ of the Example Institute.
[Insert Pic and About section with
CV of our resident Pharmacognosist]
Insert his article here.
Featured Guest Phamacognisist 
Insert their information and article here.. Can be international guests of universities or institutions abroad
Following post will be for a guest in place of the resident. Their article will be featured here.
Insert Disclaimer here.

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