Radio frequency electromagnetic radiation exposure.

Kelp. Milk Thistle. Astragalus. Irish Moss. Bentonite Clay. Noni. Club moss. Tulsi Plant. Flaxseed. Spiderwort Plant (radiation detection). Amla. Adiantum venustum a.k.a. himalayan maidenhair fern (possible radiation absorption?). Chlorella. Spirulina.

Keep in Mind…

  1. Radiation is cumulative in the body and;
  2. Prevention is better than a cure.

Harmful habits to reconsider are: keeping your cell phone on your persona at all times. Airplane mode and turning “off” these smart devices…what’s actually going on inside your cell phone. Do you secretly (or not so secretly) have internet addiction? If so, what are the calculations, implications, whats going on with your DNA and internal communication, how is it affecting life expectancy and how can it be remedied naturally. Stay tuned….

See also our section on Computer Overuse and Resources for Melatonin Protection (an important factor in sleep regulation and other various body regulatory processes within the body!)


Cupertino, We Have a Problem. WiFi & Kids. Here’s an excerpt of “IPADs SPIKE 900 BLASTS OF RF RADIATION PER HOUR”:

An iPad has five operational antennae. Unless these antennas are individually disabled, they will continually emit bursts of high frequency radiation (GHz) every four seconds or approximately 900 spikes an hour. This radiation is unnatural and jarring. The human body’s frequency is about 7.83Hz while WiFi frequencies are 2,400,000,000 to 5,000,000,000 Hz. A child holding onto a WiFi-activated iPad will absorb significant amounts of microwave radiation into her hands, lap, and face, even when there is no active uploading or downloading activity occurring.

Supplements information for Protection from EMF and other useful information by 


The Spiderwort plant has been found to detect radiation. When there is too much radiation in its immediate environment, its bristles change color from pink to purple! Woah!! Check out research published on the Global Deactivation of Radiation website, entitled: Spiderwort Plant is Natures Radiation Detector.

If you’re into the latest technology, try this: Tawkon Introduces the Only Android App that Protects Users from Cellular Radiation Exposure. All new app provides alerts when radiation levels spike, making it easier to maintain healthy phone habits. It tells users how much radiation is absorbed. It’s calculated by using the location to phone masts and how the phone is held. Read more by clicking here:

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Flaxseeds Protect Against Radiation Exposure

Here’s an excrept from the article published on

We are bombarded every day by harmful radiation and, shockingly, nearly half of our radiation exposure in the U.S. comes from medical tests like X-rays and CT scans. The balance comes from radiation in the earth, radon gas and radiation from space.  And many worry about fallout from disasters like the meltdown at the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan. How do you protect yourself from radiation? Read the entire article on

Plant Based Radiation Protection: Tulsi


Household Spice Protects Against Radiation Treatment’s Horrible Effects Index of Scientific Articles, Studies and Treatment Trials of Radiation-Induced-Illnesses.

Found in our Clubmoss section, here’s an excerpt from a listed article by Thea Summer Deer:

“‘This is Earth-Spirit Medicine, an exciting field of herbal medicine that has appeared on the horizon. We vibrate at a specific frequency creating a resonance and emitting an electrical signal, not unlike those commonly used to keep track of time or to transmit and receive radio signals. The signals that we transmit and receive are part of a grid system that creates a circuit around our crystalline structure.'”

Magnetic Clay Bath for Radiation 

Air Travel + Radiation (Cosmic Rays, Neurons).

Read Earth to Sky Calculus Group’s FaceBook page on their experiment of neurons on a plane + air travel and radiation.

Here’s an excerpt:

Many people think that only astronauts have to worry about cosmic radiation. Not so. Regular air travelers are exposed to cosmic rays, too. This week, the students of Earth to Sky Calculus flew across the United States to conduct a transcontinental launch of space weather balloons. They took radiation sensors on board the plane to find out how many cosmic rays they would absorb during the flight.

Radiation levels in the cabin of the Airbus 319 (Spirit Airlines FL640) tripled within ten minutes after takeoff, and were nearly 30 times ground level by the time the plane reached cruising altitude at 39,000 feet. Summing over the entire ~4 hour flight, the sensors measured about 1 mrem of radiation–similar to a dental x-ray.

There was no solar storm in progress. The extra radiation comes from cosmic rays. This radiation is ever-present and comes from supernovas, black holes, and other sources across the galaxy.

Different-colored lines in the data plot represent different locations inside the cabin. On this particular flight, dose rates were highest in First Class and lowest near the toilets in the rear. The gradient is not understood; presumably, it has something to do with the way cosmic rays interact with the fuselage and fuel tanks.

The altitude of the plane matters as well. When the cruising altitude increased about two hours into the flight, dose rates increased accordingly. The closer you get to space, the stronger cosmic radiation becomes. These variables make it difficult to predict how much radiation you will absorb during any given flight.

The radiation sensors are the same ones that Earth to Sky Calculus routinely flies onboard helium balloons to measure cosmic rays in the stratosphere. They detect X-rays and gamma-rays in the energy range 10 keV to 20 MeV. These energies span the range of medical X-ray machines and airport security scanners.

Earth to Sky Calculus's photo.
Earth to Sky Calculus Dear Jim, As a matter of fact, the radiation detected by our sensors during a 4 hour flight from Vegas to Boston was approximately equal to one dental X-ray, and we are measuring only a small fraction of the total radiation. Our sensors do not pick uSee More  July 25 at 6:55am
 Chad Hedstrom XKCD says flying LAX to JFK is the equivalent of getting a chest X-ray

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