The Solar Feminine: Venus in Retrograde.

venus earth retrograde loop

From Cosmic Intelligence Agency:

This is a process that takes place every 18-20 months. Her reversal prior to her meeting with the Sun is called Venus Retrograde. It is a curious phenomenon that sees Venus appear to reverse her motion in our evening skies and return to cover the ground that she recently walk. This means that she will remain longer in a particular region of the zodiac than she normally would. This cycle allows her to transmute light thereby facilitating a renewal of the archetypal associated with the sign (s) of her reversal. IN 2015, the signs of Virgo and Leo are the ones graced by her longer presence.

The Re-birth of the Solar Feminine

Just as the skies above reflect the earth below, the rekindling of Venus with the Sun’s Light, also known as the Solar Feminine, on the 15th August marks the midpoint of this inner journey during which you are prompted to travel alone within your Dark so that you can face yourself and humbly strip yourself of your feminine ego; to seek atonement and ultimately raising the consciousness of your femininity to a level that better enables you to fully embrace your feminine Light[2].

— Read the entire post on the Cosmic Intelligence Agency website.


Photo credits: Astrology Marina.


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