Wolfberry Chrysanthemum Tea


This week we tried the sweet blend of Wolfberry Chrysanthemum Tea (Kangmei-Ju-Huang-tea). It is so yummy and divine. If you are into loose herbs in your tea, this is heaven. The tea bags came in a lovely pouch (see below!) and contains whole plant parts including beautiful chrysanthemum flowers and red wolf berries (popularly known as Gouji or Goji berries). This tea is a popular Chinese medicinal tea that have endless healing and immune system balancing properties. The tea bag packet is also produced by Kangmei Pharmaceutical and can be ordered online here from HeroGate.com, it is shipped from China.teabagingredients_herogate herogate.com_teabagpackets

The Crystal Asia Blog writes that this tea is good for imbalances in elements within the body corresponding to Chinese Medicine. Specifically, this tea works on imbalance of the fire element within the body; on what is referred to as ‘heatiness’. Visit the links above to read the whole posting. It is said in Chinese traditional medicine and herbology, there are five elements: fire, earth, metal, water and wood. Each has two pathways, yin and yang that work in balance representing the body, mind and spirit. For more information on Chinese medicine and the element see Healthy You Naturally.

About the fire element, Healthy You Naturally writes:

The Fire Element includes the functions associated with the heart and small intestine…glandular system and is said to be the seat of the spirit, or “shen”. Fire Yang: ‘When fire is out of control, symptoms may include heart palpitations, scattered thinking, inability to relax and fall asleep; what is generally referred to as “being stressed out”….Think of other analogies, such as “burning the candle at both ends.” Fire Yin, or opposite, will generally occur if a person has been stressed for awhile, resulting in the fire eventually burning itself out. This will be evidenced by a lack of energy, exhausted adrenals, forgetfulness, and possibly waking in the middle of the night.

Here are a few of the six ingredients found in this tea:

Goji Berries. Known for their Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC). The Goji contains many trace minerals essential to the body, as well anti-aging benefits and have the ability to neutralize free radicals. See our past coverage of the health benefits, remedies and oral traditions passed down about the Goji.

Chrysanthemum florals. See our coverage here.

Sterculia Seeds (Panda Hai). [Side track here: what a cute name for a seed! Such a sucker for cute things…is anyone else thinking of baby pandas?! If so here’s a cute pic!! Okay, back to your regularly scheduled program]. See cosmobotanicals coverage of Sterculia seeds here. It is also used to make Panda Hai Qingfei lungs tea (coming soon!).

Photos courtesy of: kaleidoscope.cultural-china.com and www.herogate.com.


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