Slovak Stinging Nettle Tea

Pieniny Mountain tops (that know about the cold and therefore medicinal cold-climate herbs.

Since we are still in pseudo-winter climate here in New York City (ah yes, even as May approaches…). The weather changes and weather chills call for medicinal herbs from polar mountainous regions, which made me think of this tea. Sans– wood cabins, we sit brewing grounded herbal teas in our tiny cozy kitchens.

zihlava  This particular tea came as a tea bag and can be found at this website Agrokarpaty (I know, rough on our english-enclined tongues), which also produces a line of teas, Elixir. They mention that their distinct herbals are medicinal wilds foraged locally from the mountains of Pieniny and Magura, which are close to the High Tatras mountains. Very cool was their brief description of farming methods and intentions of maximizing their herb cultivations.


The tea I am having in Stinging Nettle Tea (Žihl’ava in Slovak, pronounced…well actually, I don’t really know, lol ) and can be ordered online here. They say on their website that the tea is good for the overall metabolism and influences functions of locomotive organs. You can also see their elixir collection and their other products, looks interesting. Stay tuned to cosmobotanical’s coverage on the Stinging Nettle coming soon! A great herb high in iron and great for anemia. Check out our other plants journaled about in our section: Community Index of Plants.

Pieniny Mountains from below, winding rivers in its summer splendor


Here’s a picture of the tea box itself, cute right?


Stinging Nettle Tea we had tonight along with some wine…(but separately! of course! Don’t ask…lol)

If you’re so inclined, you can read about a travel bloggers adventures in Slovakia here.


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