Forgiveness Tea

I’ll call this the forgiveness tea, for the wonderful thoughts and meditations that came up while brewing. This preparation can be used as a poultice or steam because comfrey is a controversial herb.

Here are the ingredients:

  • 1 whole cinnamon bark stick
  • about a teaspoon of crushed dried comfrey leaf
  • about a teaspoon of crushed dried mullein leaf

Bring a cup of water to boil.  Add the cinnamon stick and allow the water to develop a tinted brown hue. Add the comfrey and mullein one at a time, allowing a few seconds to boil between the separate additions. After a few seconds, turn off the stove and allow to sit to let the flavors simmer. After a few minutes, it should be ready. Enjoy!


See Meditation on Forgiveness.

For more information on the wonderful properties and qualities of these powerful herbs, visit our postings for cinnamon,  mullein and comfrey here (or click on the pics above! Cinnamon and comfrey coming soon).

Comfrey Notes and Precautions

Comfrey is not recommended internally. Not recommended for use in pregnant women, even externally. As always, consult a doctor before using this or any herb!

Photo credits: in order of appearance: 1. Cinnamon:, 2. Mullein:, 3 .Comfrey:

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