EthnoBotanical Chronicles: Soil Collection

Be careful of what you collect and what/who you invite to follow you.

If you are a botanist, it is important to understand the spiritual realm and rites that symbolize openings and doorways between worlds. For example, when traveling to other countries and/or when traveling within other cultures, it is always a good idea to know what places were used for burial grounds and what types of dirt or soil you are present in.

Cosmobotanicals does not endorse the collection and/or use of graveyard dirt, it is important to work within the divine laws of the universe and it is important not to bend anything against their will towards you because ultimately, the truth of any matter will be exposed eventually. When the sun, the light, the truth shines, there is no place for shadows to hide. Do not get caught burned in the sun and know there is only so much running one person can do before they get tired and/or are caught. Running from shadow to shadow, too much calculation, setting up, remembering, and etc = too much energy spent…This is not living, it is also the same amount of time you could be using to plan out and to live out the live of your dreams. Come into the light, so that God will give you everything you ask for. The longer you spend running (or lurking) in the shadows the longer and heavier the trail of dirt (dead weight/dust/energetic baggage/cobwebs, etc) you would collect from the shadows you been in. Cleanliness to next to Godliness. And, be careful who you meet at this time, your energetic frequency needs to be low enough to dwell in these shadow spaces. Like attracts like. Clean. Pray. Clean some more. So cosmobotanicals encourages you not to act in ill-will for your own karmic sake.

Back to appropriate botanical sample collecting, if you have a procedure to buffer any mistakenly collected samples built into your sample collecting methods, this will help you out tremendously.

Coming Soon: Guide and Methodology for Appropriate Earth Sample Collection. Stay Tuned!