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peave leafs

Peach Leaves Tea. Peaches, also known by their botanical name: Prunus persica, contain a multitude of vitamins and beneficial qualities for healthy skin (and hair). Folk lore has it that preparing a tea of peach leaves has beneficial properties in alleviating eczema.

We recommend exploring your nearest supermarket or community garden (in NYC, for maps and to search for a community gardens near you visit these links) to harvest a batch of peach leaves. After a good cleaning, you can drop them in boiling water while still fresh green or dry them out to make tea from the dried leaves.

Peach Kernel Oil. Oil extracted from the kernel has also been used in treatment for eczema and psoriasis. To read more about it, check out the “Just Peachy” article on

Fermented Cod Liver Oil. Fermented cod liver oil helps reduce inflammation in the body and leads to healthy cell, hormone and brain development, as reported by Wellness, where she lists seven cool natural remedies for eczema! She also explains that it is good for tooth remineralization in cases of tooth decay. To get the full scoop, make sure to check out her website here.

plantago major sidewalks

Plantago Major aka Plantain (not to be confused with the other famous plantain/platano, staple of the Dominican Republic). Is one of the seven first-aid medicinal plants. If you are stuck on an island and get hurt, this is the plant you want to be with. It is antisepticantioxidant and anti-inflammatory. It grow virtually everywhere. It may look surprisely familiar to you because you have probably seen it growing along the sidewalks in the concrete jungle that is New York City, where it grows in abundance. However, if you are interested in harvesting, I would suggest doing so from a minimally polluted area. To use externally, folk lore has it that one may prepare a poultice out of the green fresh leaves.

Magnesium Oil or Baths. For some (not all), magnesium baths have been reported as helpful in treating eczema. Wellness Mama includes a lovely recipe for preparing a magnesium bath. For topical use of the oil, is reporting that it is beneficial for eczema, psoriasis and other skin conditions. To check out a more complete listing of benefits and uses please visit their website. Other interesting reads we came across are on


Probiotics and Gut Health. Ultimately, outer appearances are a reflection of what’s going on inside the body. In the case of these types of skin conditions, when reviewing the gut we see that there are a number of deficiencies that have lead to these longer-term conditions. Wellness Mama (again!) in her article discusses in depth the importance of diet and her family’s experience with eczema. One thing she notes is how GAPS: Gut and Psychology Syndrome helped and the importance of probiotics in maintaining gut and digestive health as a way to manage these conditions. PAGE ALL ON ITS OWN COMING SOON! Join us as we update our website to devote an entire section to this very important topic.


One remedy we came across is applying Raw Apple Cider Vinegar to the area. To do this, you can soak a tiny cotton ball piece in Raw ACV and apply to the wart. Keep it in place with a large-enough bandaid and wear this during the day and retouch at night. If you love figs, read more about their wart-removing abilities below! Here are a few interesting natural solutions from the MediYouth website,  the article is written by Dr. John Anne. Visit their website for the complete article and full listing of natural remedies.

  • Fresh Aloe Vera juice: is applied straightly to dissolve warts and tone the skin.
  • Onions: are also useful in warts. They are irritating to the skin and rouse the circulation of the blood. Warts occasionally disappear when rubbed with cut onions.
  • Dandelion: the milk from the cut end of dandelion should be applied over the infected area 2/3 time’s daily.
  • Marigold: is another herb found beneficial in the warts removal. The juice of the leaves of this plant can be applied over warts. The sap from the stem has also been found useful in the removal of warts.
  • Pineapple: apply a fresh cut piece to affected areas several times daily.
  • Raw potatoes: are also helpful in the treatment of warts. A potato should be cut and massaged on the affected area several times daily. This should be repeated for at least two weeks for warts removal.
  • Crushed garlic: rub crushed garlic on the wart 2-3 times daily until the wart fades away in 3-4 weeks. You can also crush a garlic clove so it is pulpy and moist. Cover the wart with this pulp. Leave it for overnight. Wart will begin disappearing from the first night.


Earthclinic reports that the following combinations of herbs and ingredients improve or end the infection of scabies. Bathing day and night in warm water with hydrogen peroxide and borax.Also using soap and cream of sulfur daily.  Also useful are tea tree oil and tea tree soap and/or neem oil and neem soap. Pets such as dogs can try Vanguard Dog Herbal Soap which contains tea tree oil, Biosulfur, guava oil and madre de cacao.

Apparently, according to some, bed bugs are repulsed by peppermint soap or essential oils. People have been known to wash with peppermint soap or apply the oil to get them to leave.

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Folklore has it….to address Ringworm, is reporting that this can be treated with….Cut open a leaf and take the milk or sap. Rub on the ringworm. This procedure works immediately. Scalp fungal infections, warts and boils, follow the above directions.

The fresh plant, sap (figs) or concentrate (papain) can be applied; any of these can be taped to the skin for numerous hours. Apply the juice from fig stems and leaves to the warts. See MediYouth for more information.

Shingles – Place three to four fig leaves in 2 cups of water. Boil for a few minutes, let cool and remove the leaves. Take a wash cloth and dip in the water and apply to the affected area.

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