Rhythm of Consciousness

Music: as a connector, conduit…

The evidence via experience (coming soon!): selection of works compiled by our living friends who love music! The evidence via science: a selection of works compiled by our scientist friends.


…heartbeat and soul of the collective spirit.

Article: You are what you eat. Are you what you listen to? (coming soon). An intimate look at radio, mainstream music, their vibrations and how it affect us on a cellular level. What is actually going on? How is it collectively affecting us and what you can do about it? What are the alternatives to staying wavy but maintaining high vibrations.

Article: Are you deficient in Vitamin M? Here an excerpt, “Music has been demonstrated to have benefits as treatment for illness. Sometimes it is dismissed as if it were ‘anecdotal evidence’. In truth, music is a healthicine. Anecdotal evidence is one of the most uninformed and mis-used phrases by the commercial medical interests – but that should be the subject of another blog post”. Written by Tracy Kolenchuk for GreenMedInfo.com.

Plant-Inspired, Medicinal-Rainforest-Music-of-the-Month:



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