Poetry: Woven Dreams Astronomy Genes


This poetry was inspired by an article on African Languages by Mawuna Remarque Koutonin. Please feel free to read and comment with your thoughts below. Guided meditation series coming soon!

Poems by yours truly….

Woven Dreams Astronomy Genes

Woven into the recesses of our minds

are the forgotten languages of our elders.

Let us dream to remember

and conceive the notions

of their dictions

concealed so neatly

within the fragments

of our genes.


Breathe Life

Breath is light

Breath is fire

Breath is energy.

Light is breath of the Spirit Alive.

Let us breathe life into the embers of diction

and revive the dances of words spillage over our tongues

in delight to tell the world of their new arrival.

Let them dance the fire dance of light and life divine.

The sweet nectars floweth revive awakening our spirit kind.

Tickle our fancy, tinkle our ears, sooth our mouths and cells in gear,

let them dance and proclaim to the wind: “WE ARE ALIVE!”



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