What is kollective knowledge?

Roots and shoots of the evolutionary tree, the generational tree. Past, future present we remember our collective memories, remember past experiences to come again. The karma of sweet remembrance. Below we find and collect in the digital libraries of things known and unknown. May we dive into the depths of these galaxy-old book shelves. Collective breath of African grandmother knowledge, indigenous root work, Brazilian leaf reading and Japanese abstracts of mechanical light work that prove the Maya were right. Kollective Knowledge is a body of knowledge as told through scientific research and held within the collective memory archives of a people.

Scientific Abstracts Directory. Catalog of research articles, abstracts and manuscripts of advanced and/or historical science. Please help to make it robust by submitting interesting studies and research you come across in your daily web travels.

The Human Experience Archives. Documents short stories, narratives, poems, dreams, fiction, lost memoryes and new ones. Dive in here.

Community Index of Plants Knowledge. Ever-evolving compilation of selected materia medica: historical uses, botanical classification for and by the community.


New to research? Click here and here for general research and here for clinical research, quick how-to guides!


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