New Moon in Cancer
Today marks the first day of Ramadan. First and foremost, Happy Ramadan to all those who celebrate it.


 Lunar Gardening: Plants in Aquatic Cancer.


Here are a few plants said to be receptive to the astrological sign of Cancer that will be featured this week in our collective index of plants in its honor: Lotus, Moonwort, and Almond! Additional herbs are featured on and are:

Lunar Planting by the New Moon.

Planting by the cycle of the moon is a very ancient technology used by farmers all over the world. Whether in the physical by means of their farms, gardens and soil to the metaphysical through setting goals, intentions, affirmations and taking actions, farmers have been cultivating and seedings the greatest crops into being! In looking at this process of planting by the new moon, Countryfarm-lifestyles gives us some insight into how exactly lunar farming has worked. Here’s an excerpt:

“To make moon planting really simple, when the moon is a new moon, this is not the time to plant anything. However, just after you see the first crescent you can start planting as this is when there is a surge of energy through the plants and the sap begins to rise through the stems. The best zodiac signs to plant during the first quarter is when the moon is in a water sign, such as Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.” For the complete report please visit their website here.

Here’s an excerpt from Healthy Living: “First, planting when the Moon is in a water sign is the most advantageous. The water signs are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Planting when the Moon is illuminating this energy will give larger produce, more blooms and deeper roots. These are fertile signs with the dewy base you need to make things grow. Cancer ranks first of all signs for planting anything as long as it is not in the week before the New Moon, (more on that in a bit). Pisces is next in line for perfect timing on your planting cycle and may produce rambling vines or plants that spread without boundaries, keep that in mind to work best with it. Scorpio will send down the deepest roots and crave more compost than the other water signs but in third place will still bring you grand results.”

For more ideas, see creating moon gardens (after the new moon of course!) by visiting where they post easy-to-follow steps for building your moon gardens and great for sharing and learning with family and friends!

From, here are some plants that are said to do well during the coming waxing period of the moon:

  • Sow plants that flower or bear fruit above ground (1st quarter)
  • Plant blackberries, raspberries and other caned plants (during 2nd quarter)
  • Water Plants, Feed Plants, Transplant
  • Nearest the Full Moon-harvest juicy fruits and greens. Herbs for optimum essential oil content, flowers for strong fragrance

Lunar Astrological Report!

Here we have a compilation of great astrological reports. The Moon rules the zodiac sign of Cancer. For those of you whose birthchart has a strong Cancerian influence, you enjoy the moon’s light, absorb and accurately reflect emotions experienced.

Here’s a snippet by Mystic Mamma. Click here for the entire report. 

“On this Cancer NEW MOON, from the heart of the Mother, may we be filled with love and reminded of the truth of who we are….”

Aquarian Astrologer Leta on the New Moon in Cancer


Here is an excerpt: The very sensitive, psychic & receptive Cancer New Moon is exact on Friday, June 27, 2014 at 3:08am. Both conscious Sun & instinctual. Moon are at the same degree of 5*37 imaginative, vulnerable, subjective Cancer revealing multiple tides of FEELINGS, coming in & going out, connected to the unconsciousNew Moons are a time of conception & new birth, hidden from our view as the seed grows within. For the entire report, please click here.

Insights from Gaia Blooming on working through the Dark Moon

A new moon is also known as the Dark Moon, symbolizing a period for lunar introspection away from the public eye. In her report, Gaia Blooming guides us on working through the Dark Moon.

~Today’s featured Astrological Report~

Legend of the New Moon

(written by Jan Spiller)

crescent_moon-450x300__premiumtimesng.comPhoto courtesy of

For centuries farmers the world over have known to plant their crops by the cycles of the Moon.  In America, farmers determine the best time to plant their crops by consulting the annual Farmer’s Almanac for the dates and phases of the Moon.

The Moon moves rapidly through the constellations of the zodiac, and aligns with the Sun (conjoins the Sun) approximately every twenty-nine and a half days.  This is called the New Moon, and is the period of time when we cannot see the Moon in the night sky.

The New Moon promotes all forms of growth.  Its potency takes hold AFTER the exact time of the conjunction and remains in force for the next 48 hours.  For example, if you want your hair to grow more quickly and fully, have it cut right after the New Moon takes place.  If you want your fingernails to grow long and strong, have manicures during the same time period.

Anything initiated during the first 48 hours following the New Moon will be met with rapid growth:  a business venture, a relationship, a creative project.  The New Moon Power Period is fruitful for strong new beginnings.

The New Moon takes place this month on:
(For those using Daylight Savings Time: convert to Eastern Standard Time and add one hour)
Cancer – 5 degrees, 37 minutes

What to wish for when the NEW MOON is in CANCER:  In addition to on-going wishes in areas that are recurring for you, on this day wishes related to the sign of CANCER are especially potent.

  • Security
  • Home
  • Mother
  • Family
  • Caring
  • Nuturing
  • Empathetic connections

Sample Wishes:

  1. “I want all feelings of insecurity totally lifted from me”
  2. “Regarding (decorating/organizing/selling/buying) my home, I want to easily find myself making decisions that are in my overall best interests”
  3. “I want to easily find myself saying the right words to my Mother that result in mutual understanding, caring and support”
  4. “I intend to easily find myself consciously spending more quality time with members of my family”
  5. “I want to easily find myself paying attention to and caring about __________”
  6. “I want to easily find myself empathizing with others in a way that creates a common bond of caring and intimacy”
  7. “Regarding filling needs, I want the wisdom to nurture myself in ways that are healthy and happy for me”

How to use June’s Power Day:

June’s NEW MOON occurs on Friday, June 27. The NEW MOON is a POWER DAY each month, a day favorable for new beginnings.  Thus things wished for on the day of the NEW MOON (if written down on paper) take root in the energies of the month and, through the process of natural unfoldment, begin coming true.

These are the days to take pen in hand and compile a wish list (ten wishes maximum) of things you would like to have occur in your life.   Mercury is retrograde, so take your time in compiling your wish list and check out how you feel about the wish before deciding whether or not to keep it on the paper.  There are times to “go with the flow” and times to take charge.
On a New Moon Power Day, a MAXIMUM of TEN WISHES TOTAL are recommended for best results. Some wishes you may want to repeat each month to bring about certain circumstances that have been eluding you for a long time. Other wishes may be especially suited to the type of energy released by the sign of the New Moon each month.

Potent results occur from making more than one wish around a problem area.  For example, if it is increased intimacy that you want, make several wishes from different angles of vision to bring it about:  “I want to easily find myself co-creating intimacy in a way that is healthy for me;” “I want to easily find myself being vulnerable in a way that evokes positive acceptance and support from others”; “I want to experience empathy and constructive emotional closeness with others”.
The best time for writing down your wishes is within the first eight hours following the exact moment of the New Moon. However, you may make wishes up to 24 hours following the time of the New Moon, but not even one minute before. The period before the precise monthly conjunction of the Sun and the Moon (the New Moon) is called the “Balsamic Phase of the Moon” and has the effect of dissolving past cycles and bringing them to completion – not an energy suitable for fresh starts.

The exact time of June’s NEW MOON occurs at 4:09 am, EDST.  Due to the action of the void of course Moon during the 48-hour New Moon power time, your best bet is to avoid wishing during the hours of:  Saturday, 9:03 pm – midnight, and Sunday, 12:00 am – 4:44 am.

Therefore in JUNE, your most potent times for wishing are: *

  • Friday, June 27: 4:09 am – midnight
  • Saturday, June 28: 12:01 am – 9:03 pm

* All times are in Eastern Daylight Savings Time.

To determine how many hours your location varies from Eastern Time, click here and select your time zone.  The moon panel on the homepage will display the correct times for your location now & whenever you return to Jan’s Website!

This month’s FULL MOON occurs at 22 degrees SagittariusDate:  Saturday, June 12, 2014 Reevaluate the new beginnings that you have made this month in going in the direction of your higher spiritual path.   During these days you will likely become aware of how you are using your mental energy – are you wasting it on gossip and superficial mental activities, or are you using it to further positive outcomes that are important to you?You will be able to see situations from a more optimistic point of view than usual.  Sidestep impatience, become aware of your idealistic aims and be willing to move forward to manifest them, one step at a time.  You can become objectively aware of the reality of the situation at this time, and what you can do to shift present outcomes.  It is a time when you can become more objective about what you need to feel mentally stimulated and happy in your connections with others, and then see a clear path of how go get from where you are, to where you want to be.


WISHING – VERSUS – AFFIRMATIONS Wishing is different than affirmations.  The techniques of affirmations stimulate the male/yang aspect of ourselves… the powerful “doer.”  For example, if a person is experiencing a lack of money, the affirmation might be: “I AM wealthy NOW!”The principle of wishing is a female/yin approach.  We are magnetically attracting the good we desire coming to us.  In the above money example, the wish may be phrased:  “I want to easily find myself fully receptive to – and receiving – lots of money in a happy way!” – or – “I want Divine Guidance to show me exactly the right steps to take that will result in happy financial prosperity for me.”The wording of wishes is phrased in a way that gently opens us to receive our good.  Wishing acknowledges, rather than denies, current outer circumstances.  It originates from the position of the child and evokes help from positive spiritual forces or a Higher Power.With wishing, we are working on ourselves – gently opening our receptivity to the abundance that is already all around us.  That which we are seeking is also seeking us.  It is a matter of stating our intention for good and then being open to receiving it.Power wishing occurs when the receptive stance of wishing is combined with the power of timing through knowledge of astrological cycles.

For more information on using Astrological Power Days, see Jan Spiller’s book, New Moon Astrology – available in your local bookstore and by direct order via the above Link. © Jan Spiller

Other resources:

Planetary Correspondences of Moon and its Water Aspect published by

Water of Moon 

Water of 
Moon Sign
Water of Moon 
Water of Moon 
Water of Moon 
Water of Moon 
Plant Qualities
Water of Moon 
Water of Moon 
Body Parts
Moon (Water)
 Papaver somniferum
 Passionflower (seed)
 Water Lily
 White Poppy
 White Rose
Pale Blue
 Dark greenish brown
 Rich bright russet
Full, round, and fortifying plants
Plants with moon-shaped parts
Plants with high water content
Plants that live in or near the water
Medicinal plants affecting the emotions, sleep, or the female reproductive system  
Round, fortifying plants
Sedative plants




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