Mosquito + Insect Repelling!


Summertime heat always bring out the insects and mosquitoes. Here is the newest addition to cosmobotanicals as we explore the plants that can help and other insect repelling know-hows!

Currently we are exploring Mosquito Patches! So excited about these, I think the science behind these are so awesome! And they look easy to use. The technology is in Thiamine, a compound found in Vitamin B1 which, mosquitoes dislike. I’ve been researching a product to try out and found AgraCo’s Mosquito Patch which has the highest content of Vitamin B1 at 300mg per patch compared to other brands which only offer 75mg per patch. If you’re interested, here’s a link to purchase.

In case you’d like to try Vitamin B1 on your own (although I’d just do the patches since they are cool to use and easy, lol) here’s a link for them in tablets.

Courtesy of the Women’s Health and Wellness Blog, we learn about the different insect repelling plants as describe by them. Here is the line-up!

citronella grassCitronella Grasses such as the lemongrass plant gives beautiful purple flowers which are on its own very aromatic, having an alluring romantic and feminine scent. The grass (stem part or once the plant has flowered) repels mosquitoes. From this grass, the industry obtains the oil to make candles and natural insect repellents.

If you’d like to order some essential oil for yourself, here’s a link to use. Thanks so much for your support as it helps us to keep the lights on! 🙂

Also cool, is this 3-pack of essential oils by Now in Grapefruit, Citronella and Lemongrass!

rosemary1Rosemary- is popularly known as a culinary herb but this herb can also repel mosquitoes! Are are some cool ideas to try at home: I like to buy a sprig of rosemary at the supermarket and if I go camping or hiking, I take it with me- typically rubbing it on my skin. What I found works best is the essential oil though, it’s concentrated guys.  You can get the essential oil here.

Marigold- have a particular smell and can be used for this purpose. If you’re having a barbecue or having friends over on your patio, I would recommend going with the actual plant. It’s always great to exercise your green thumb and plant a few of these colorful friends around your gathering space! They would also add a lovely pop to your kitchen windowsill or living-room potted collection. You can get the plant here.

catnipCatnip- is an herb that has been found to be 10x more effective at repelling mosquitoes than DEET. Honestly, I haven’t worked with Catnip yet, but this herb is something I’ll be trying this summer! Have you tried catnip? If so, what was your experience? Feel free to post below! You can get it in capsule form here or as an essential oil.

What are some plants that you use? What do you find works? Are there any other ideas you love? Share your thoughts with us below!

Photo credits: Women’s Health and Wellness Blog.


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