Mercury Retrograde


Cancer to Gemini

The retrograde period is from June 7th to July 1st, 2014. Mercury begins the retrograde at 3 degrees Cancer, and dials back to 24 degrees Gemini.

Mercury’s retrograde is at times a refreshing vacation from the usual programming.  If the info circuits are jammed, with memes and news spectacles, it’s a rare time to reflect.  Instead of skimming the surface, it’s a time to add nuance and meaning.

What, on the other hand, can possibly go wrong?  Lost mail, missed train departures, a long layover, getting stuck in traffic, computer crashes, getting lost at sea….

In Cancer, Mercury-inspired missteps could relate to family, ocean-going vessels, emotional authenticity, being unable to let go.

Mercury’s mishaps in Gemini could revolve around mistaken identity (dopplegangers), pranks, humor taken the wrong way, loose lips sink ships, accidentally pressing “Reply to All” (hilarity ensues?)

Blunders and Bloopers

Some of the mix-ups come from expecting everything to be business as usual.  Mercury rules travel, communiques, deliveries, social exchanges, technology and other currents.  Disruptions to the schedule are blamed on trickster Mercury, leading to frustrations, a snowball effect of missed deadlines, misunderstandings and delays.

What if, though, your ferry ride (in Cancer, it’ll be symbolically over water) is delayed, and in that time, you meet the love of your life?  Or make a lifelong friend?  Very often, there’s a fated feel to the retrograde time, running into ghosts of the past.  It’s the phase of second chances — reworking, reconnecting, re-imagining.

The start is Mercury at 3 Cancer, the water sign that’s the archetype of origins, what’s shaped you since you were a twinkle in your Mother’s eye.  Mercury’s sight lines in Cancer are sometimes warped by the lunar logic (Cancer is Moon-ruled) of subjectivity.

What’s on the menu with this retrograde is remembering, since Cancer relates to the past and its present influence on our lives now.  It’s a most excellent time for soul searching, and putting things in (a new, bright) perspective.

Read more about When Mercury is in Cancer.

Mercury Gemini – Scrambled Intel, Surprise Combos

By June 17th, Mercury is in wily Gemini, inspiring a loose hold on interpretations.  Mercury is wildly clever in the sign it rules.  During this part of the retrograde, activities like editing, researching and rewriting are favored.  You might pull content from the archives, rework it, and add new angles you’ve discovered.

A retrograde of Mercury in Gemini is a potentially productive sabbatical for writers, journalists, educators, salespeople, bloggers, vloggers, artists…virtually all with a message to broadcast.  The review of the retrograde can be revelatory.  It could lead to a revamping of the website, or marketing your idea in a whole different way.

Dates are June 7th to July 1st, 2014

  • Shadow: 24 Gemini, May 23rd
  • Mercury Retrograde, 3 Cancer, Jun 7th
  • Direct Station: 24 Gemini, July 1st
  • Direct Release: 3 Cancer, July 17th

Water Vapor – Water to Air

The last go-round with Mercury retrograde was a backward slide from Pisces to Aquarius (Feb 6-28th, 2014).

Curious astrological time keepers will marvel that all three Mercury retrograde cycles in 2014 follow the evanescent water to air backwards flow.

What’s Possible?

  • Breaking out of the mental claustrophobia of subjective thinking.
  • Seeing your memories and emotional well-spring with fresh eyes.
  • Playing with new ways of sharing your emotionally authentic true self.
  • A lighter attitude toward what’s been held close to the chest, protectively.
  • Recovering fluency with your own private story, its nuances.
  • A bird’s eye view on how some beliefs keep you submerged, closed to options.
  • Revisiting threads of fascination, that pull on deep soul roots within.
  • Re-considering how to form true link-ups and alliances, with kindred spirits.
  • Re-discovering a medium for exchanging ideas, impressions, memoir.
  • The current of objectivity leads to a rearranging of the past.



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