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Melanin + Melatonin.

What are these and What is the Connection? A Series.


New Article: Could the melanin found in our bodies and in foods like mushrooms help to mitigate the increasingly dire quantities of radiation we are exposed to daily?

Published on Green Med Info in Jan 2016, this article was written by Sayer Ji, read an excerpt here:

“Research is now emerging indicating that melanin may function in a manner analogous to energy harvesting pigments such as chlorophyll….In fact, one recent and highly controversial paper proposes that melanin is responsible for generating the majority of the body’s energy, effectively challenging the ATP-focused and glucose-centric view of cellular bioenergetics that has dominated biology for the past half century.” Click to read the full article on GreenMedInfo’s Website!

Related Articles: Beyond mitochondria, what would be the energy source of the cell? Cent Nerv Syst Agents Med Chem. 2015;15(1):32-41. AND What are radiotrophic fungi?

Past Articles in this Series:

Melatonin as an antioxidant and its semi-lunar rhythm in green macroalga Ulva sp. Journal of Experimental Botany, March 2011

The Physiological Function of Melatonin in Plants. Published in Plant Signaling & Bahavior, June 2006

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