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7_OnTheWater5Paddling Guide Map

Discover the waterways and aquatic river plant life of New York City. Visit the Bronx River Alliance website for information on paddling trips through the Fall.


Join us on our next and final adventure: October 25, 2014 (11:00am). Estuary Paddle, Concrete Plant Park. Register as soon as possible! Come with us at 11 am on Saturday October 25th for a 3 hour tour of the Bronx River estuary. Starting at Concrete Plant Park, just below the 6 train station at Whitlock, we will paddle out towards the mouth of the river and the Long Island Sound to see the industrial side of river life, as well as some of the present restoration projects underway, $25.

Other upcoming nature-related adventures:

 Open Hours at Hallett Nature Sanctuary. Tuesday, October 14, 2014 from 1:00 p.m.–3:00 p.m. This event repeats every week on Tuesday between 9/2/2014 and 12/16/2014. Normally closed to visitors except on guided tours, visitors can come explore the Hallett at their own pace along the rustic trail and see how Central Park Conservancy is turning this once-weed-filled promontory into a native woodland garden for birds and other wildlife. The wood-chipped trail is uneven; please wear appropriate shoes. This ecosystem is a protected area and home to many flora and fauna. Please, no groups, dogs, bikes, or strollers. Free and self-guided, no registration needed. Space is limited.

Forest Crew. Sunday, October 12, 2014 at 10:30 a.m.1:00 p.m. This event repeats every week on Sunday between 5/4/2014 and 11/2/2014.The Highbridge Forest Crew works to remove invasive plants from the park and to care for recently planted native trees. As part of the Forest Crew you will learn basic invasive and native plant identification, proper removal techniques and an overview of New York Restoration Project’s approach to urban reforestation. Anyone interested in forest ecology, invasive plant removal, and urban forests should join the Forest Crew in their work every Sunday morning.


City Island Birds Fall Migration Walk Rescheduled!

Sunday, October 12, 2014 8:00am Sharp. Meet at Orchard Beach Parking Lot. Pelham Bay Park, Bronx. We will explore Hunter Island for warblers, sparrows, shorebirds and raptors. This is the rescheduled walk. There is no cars show, mud run or Jaylo concert, so I think we’re OK. There is a Fall Festival but that shouldn’t get in our way. Come join us !

For a complete listing of nature, flora and fauna events happenings in the New York City area, please visit the Nycgovparks.org/events/nature website.

News & Announcements: September 25, 2014

New addition in the Bronx River Greenway

RMuskrat CoveWalkingGuide_cover(1)
The Bronx River Alliance is happy to announce the new addition in the Bronx River Greenway at Soundview Park. The new Greenway path runs nearly parallel to Lafayette Ave. This path connects the newest riverfront pathway and Field House with other trails to the East. The new trail in the 205-acre park will offer cyclists and pedestrians more routes to enjoy the park, and all its different amenities that the park offers, such as the new track & field, baseball fields, a cricket pitch, a soccer field, six basketball courts, six handball courts, among others. We invite to click on the above Bronx River Greenway Walking Guide and the below resources: Master Plan for Shoelace Park and the Bronx River Greenway Plan, which is very informative and exciting to browse. Enjoy!

Shoelace Master Plan Coverbxr_greenway_plan
For more information about the Bronx River Greenway, please visit: www.bronxriver.org/greenway 
For more information about Sounview Park, please visit: NYC Parks website

Get Involved: Bronx River Ecological Restoration and Management Programs.
To learn more about hands-on restoration of the Bronx River or the Eco Team, contact Robin Kriesberg at 718.430.4690 or robin.kriesberg@parks.nyc.gov.



Bronx River Forest Tree Identification Guide

Check out our newest edition to the Scientific Database & Research Page: New York City Local Flora Database & Digital Library .


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