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Host: Dennis McKenna
5 Sessions, starts June 17

 Discover how to apply insights from the emerging “intelligent nature” paradigm to your life with the field’s leading pioneers. 
 What Plants Can Teach You: Consciousness and Intelligence in Nature
What can you learn from the brilliance of nature? A new paradigm is emerging that recasts how we relate to and understand nature, supported by new scientific evidence. Plants instruct us through their behavior, through their interdependence with the environment, and through direct transmissions conveyed by spirit. As we grow more sensitive to the ways plants communicate with us, we encounter the depth of their wisdom, and become more capable of receiving the many kinds of healing they have to offer.
  • Discover ways to be attentive to plant wisdom and how to apply it to your life.
  • See how the vibrant behavior of plants challenges society’s materialist, mechanistic beliefs.
  • Hear the latest scientific research — which will change how you think of plants forever.




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festival de flores

Festival de Flores en Jarabacoa, Republica Dominicana Junio 18-26 2014

flores-RDfestival de las flores jarabacoa




plantconsciousness conference London




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