Shiitake Mushrooms

Excerpt from Surprising Health Benefits of Mushrooms by Susun Weed
“I’m sure you know already that many mushrooms can help prevent and even cure some cancers. But did you know that there is a mushroom that can make vitamin D after it is dried? And retain it after you cook it?”As a bonus, this mushroom has been shown to be cardioprotective, helping to prevent heart disease and heart attack.”Susun Weed gives insight on not only the health benefits but the advantages of Shiitake to your wallet. She also shares with her readers a tasty recipe for pickled shiitake in vinegar. Please check out the repost of her recipe below. For the entire article please check out her website.

Shiitake vinegar
  • Buy at least two ounces of dried shiitake mushrooms in China Town or at your supermarket or healthy food store or online if you prefer.
  • Before using them, lay the mushrooms out on a cookie sheet in the full sun for at least two hours, preferably longer, but not overnight. The exposure to the sun triggers the production of vitamin D in the dehydrated mushrooms.
  • Find a jar with a cork or a plastic lid (no metal please) that will hold your mushrooms with room to spare; between one-third and one-half of your jar ought to be empty when all the mushrooms are in it.
  • Fill the jar right to the top with apple cider vinegar. Label it with the date and contents.
Your Shiitake Vinegar is ready to use after six weeks of steeping. The “pickled” mushrooms may be eaten or cooked, but the main product is the delicious vinegar.
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