Sea Hibiscus (Amapola mangrove)

Hibiscus tiliaceus

An incredible plant, as told by Eat the Weeds, we learn about the Mahoe mangrove, where its flowers only lasts but one day. The blossoms starts off a yellow hue and then by day’s end transforms into a maroon red color! What a beautiful phenomenon to witness and surely has much biologic, chemical/pheromonal and other worldly significance that we will gladly look into in the next months to come! If you would like to add your wisdom, experiences with this beautiful plant please let us know!

For more information on this being read below. Enjoy! 🙂

Article on the Sea Hibiscus, also known as Amapola Mangrove tree:

Hibiscus tiliaceusHibiscus tiliaceus


a3bba_Flower_Garden_4102614024_4c27c4ac9b sea hibiscus seed pod

Photo credits:; Martin LaBar; Brian Valentine and Ladyannne for Dave’s Garden.


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