Hoya Carnosa (Flor de Nacar, Wax Plant)


Native to the Dominican Republic and India amongst other places, this perennial plant is a luscious succulent which comes in a variety of species. It is commonly known as the wax/porcelain plant for its waxy (and hairy) flower texture. The flowers are shaped like five-pointed stars. The leaves vary from species to species and they generally produce a long, thin seed pod which buds open to release seeds which look similar to dandelion seeds, having dispersal whisks attached.


Hoya Carnosa is part of the milkweed (Asclepiadaceae) family. It is a creeper vine plant that grows on trees and climbs by twining. They are generally easy to grow indoors and in non-tropical environments, it can be easily cultivated in greenhouses. The flowers are mildly fragrant with a faintly sweet smell. The flower’s fragrance is used in creating exotic soft notes in luxury perfumes.


The Hoya Carnosa are most fragrant at night. Under the moon’s light, we’re wondering how the intensity of its fragrance wanes and ebbs to the rhythm of the moon’s monthly cycle. If you are a scientist and you’ve done the research, feel free to send your abstracts for publishing here or let’s start the research! 🙂 (We’ll post your findings right here in our abstracts scientific catalog).


Hoya1hoya carnosa


There isn’t too much information in the way of medicinal uses for it’s flowers, leaves or roots. However, the plant has been found to have the following characteristics as listed on Ph Seven’s website:

Said proporties: Protection
Hoya Flower: Vibrational Essence



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