New Moon in Virgo


Sharpen your sword and prepare for battle.

It is revealed, blood will be shed tonight. With a vengeance will you remove all mental and emotional blockages that stand in your way. Clear your own path of all confusion, distraction and just focus. Be like the river, that has a singleness of mind and that is to get to the ocean. It is not there to be beautiful, we just find its glory beautiful. It is on a single mission: TO GET TO THE OCEAN.

“We are the ones we have been waiting for” — June Jordan, Poem for South African Women, Passion (1980)

This month’s new moon, is the energy to push through. Many obstacles are revealed with the patterns of the planets’ movements and the time has come to eliminate all obstacles that block your path to greatness. To remove them now. Like the samurai or the company executive, whom without a moments’ notice or hesitation do they chop off the extra fat no longer needed; swift and measured is the name of the game.

As we enter any valley of darkness, do not divert your vision. It is your time to be like the samurai, moving without much dialogue, without entertaining the thought of distraction: these mustering clouds of confusion. In this land of thoughts or words, with words and in words they create. Illusions and parallel planes are forged fictitious stone by stone and before you know it, you are within their castles’ great halls of illusions, the mansion of many mirrors.


It is your time to be like the samurai. Fight for your health, fight for your peace, fight for your mind intact. Fight for your energy! Listen…hear…see…question…what are these shifts about me? Who/what is still here, who/what has quietly gone? Or where and how have they disappeared? Shifts in dynamics, shift in space, shift and flight of local animals. Pay attention urban warriors. It is with one single gesture, that you must deliver the single blow and end Distraction. No emotion, no words, just walk away. Singleness of mind is your execution sword to slice through the blades of high grass in this valley of shadows. Travel like the river, with one singleness of mind. Know the way, learn how to operate in the shadows and push your way though between light and dark. Get. To. The. Ocean!!!  I AM. Repeat: I AM. Envision, you are already there. Doctor, President, Commander-in-Chief, Principal, Chief Executive Officer, PhD, Owner, Graduate, Published, Awarded, Winner, First place finished. You have already won. WORK. WISDOM. POLISH. WISE.


Here are a few readings about the new moon in virgo.

First, Yoganonymous describes it as a new beginning guillotine! 

“This New Moon is a REAL doozy. It’s the annual New Beginning (New Moon) in Virgo, and any event in Virgo is never, ever about public glory. It’s about mending cracks….No. Matter. What. There is a complex mix of energies surrounding this New Moon. So complex in fact that it feels like a concise strike, almost surgical in its precision, with no margin for error. Trust that you’re laying the groundwork for your new beginning.”  See more at:

Here’s a snippet of what Mystic Mamma has to say about it:

“Most of us have been under attack and getting “hacked” by our old thought patterns, old programming and way of thinking about our past experiences and wounds….These hacking thoughts are like a “virus” that takes over our consciousness and brings us down. We have to up the security, up our mindfulness when these thoughts come in that disturb our life stream. But it is not by looking away, but rather by a direct facing that we can see what is at the root. Then it is up to us to chose and new stream of consciousness, a new way of thinking about ails us. We must be diligent in clearing, cleansing, and healing these thoughts patterns so we can move into a more positive stream of energy and aliveness….When our mental realms come under attack we become exhausted and have no energy, but when our energy is cleared and flowing there is an aliveness and feeling of sheer bliss….This is the healing energy that this VIRGO NEW MOON heralds.”  For the complete reading, please visit their page at

Here’s a snippet from Leah Whitehorse and her LUA Astrology, featured on Mystic Mamma:

“It’s like all the planets have arrived back to work after a holiday. A raft of aspects become exact on this date so it’s a busy day in the cosmos….It feels a little fraught at times, edgy, confusing and yet at the same time, there’s something whispering a quiet truth beneath all the noise…It’s time to make improvements, shape up and get down to the nitty gritty….don’t try to change it all at once. Mars-Saturn sextile Mercury talks of taking tiny steps at first. Small, well considered changes produce big results and are much easier to handle than wild stabs in the dark.

“The New Moon is on the Sabian Symbol : Two Guardian Angels.…Surrender to the knowledge that you don’t have to do it all today. Give Neptune a voice through prayer….If you can allow yourself a moment of stillness, what you are seeking materializes….Neptune is sleep, dreams, the unconscious.  Uranus represents ‘awakening’. These two transpersonal planets are saying just that: this isn’t personal, even if it feels like it! What may look like disarray may be in perfect cosmic order.”


Love Tools for Offering:

*Remember, there will be tools for everything. Focus your attention- be like the river.



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