March/April 2015


Here is a collection of cosmic interconnections of thoughts and reflections about mind traveling in interstellar space for April 2015.
Up first we enjoy the astrological readings curated by Mystic Mamma. Here is a featured sampling:
‘This is truly an eccentric month that will test us at every turn. There will be highs and lows, higher than you have experienced before and lower than you ever thought you would be able to handle….April 2015 is a month of questions and learning to live with them is key to how it unfolds for each one of us.”
Flexibility will be key to navigating the month as your best-laid plans change and then change again and then change again and then change again….Don’t get attached to anything. Some of the work this month will be about releasing your attachments to the past….There is no going back and your attachments will only weigh you down and keep you from the higher centered experiences that offer inspiration for creating something new and wonderful in your life.'” – for the full reading visit mystic mamma’s site at

See below for tools on releasing knots of attachment.

Full Moon Eclipse for April 4th, 2015

“The pull of the past can be strong at a lunar eclipse and this one is certainly no exception. We may find our best intentions going up in smoke as we embrace old habits with unrestrained abandon, along with all manner of apparently sound justifications for doing so! But beware that inner voice which encourages a return to old ways now….This Full Moon is amplified by the eclipse and the square to Pluto. Feelings are intense. Cry, if you have to. This is about release. Relationships are a major theme at the Libra Eclipse.”“Honor this event as a marker of huge opportunities for change not only for yourself but also for the planet. This…closes a period of great intensity for most of us and launches us into a new cycle. Regarding the opportunity for change, you do not need to know what is changing. All you need to do is to intend with your heart and your spirit to allow for the most positive change possible and be willing to go through the discomfort of the ups and downs of the unexpected events that may follow.” – For the full piece visit:

Shared by LB’s newsletter, Tehuti’s Child: Volume 8 Issue 7:

“‘This is a total eclipse of the moon meaning the moon will enter entirely into the earth’s shadow (umbra) and not just the edge (penumbra. see accompanying link for more info) heightening the emotionality of the full moon time as well as bringing to the surface subconscious urges, fears, and things that were once hidden. It may also uncover answers/insight into what we may need to do to implement changes that are necessary for us now as the interim between the new and full moon may have been rife with realizations for many of us. A lot has been left behind.

‘With eclipses it’s often a case of the ‘subconscious becoming conscious’. In these last two weeks we may have noticed our dreams (moon) might’ve been a little different (or perhaps just more vivid) and hopefully they were noted down because they may hold the key important next steps. This eclipse will trigger the Uranus/Pluto and take place on the degree of their last exact square. At this dark of the moon phase as we await the changes we must now know are on their way, breathe and pray for the right thing to do, remain alert and as always keep moving forward.           Numerology: 3 (8 year+ 4 Month=12=3) Focus: Joy, Creativity Avoid: Being scattered'”

Spring Vernal Equinox and other resources:



Releasing Attachments (knots of attachments-resentment): Meditation I from Returning to Oneness: The Seven Keys of Ascension. This month we explore chapter 3, which deals with the second key of ascension, the forgiveness of all betrayals. Here’s what the readings had to say:

“FORGIVING ALL THE BETRAYALS OF LIFE IS THE SECOND KEY. This means all the betrayals that you have perpetrated on others, those that have been done to you, self-betrayals, and even those that you may have caused others to do to someone else.

Betrayal concerns the lock between the third chakra and the fourth chakra, between the solar plexus and the heart. This lock is a complex knot right on the diaphragm. As we seek to raise the kundalini energy up into the heart chakra, it cannot pass easily through this knot because the core is very tightly veiled here. The energy dams up, circulating instead in the abdomen, unable to make it into the heart. As we use this key and do the processing work, we are able to loosen and eventually untie this knot. In the East it is known as the knot of Vishnu. When it opened for me, my guides called it “Heaven’s Gate.” Forgiveness will open it. The vibration of forgiveness actually dissolves the hard knot and releases the contraction, so the energy can get through to your heart. It takes more than a one-time forgiveness and is more like learning to live in a continuous state of forgiveness.” Download the whole chapter here. More about resolving the knot of Vishnu coming soon!

Spring Labyrinth Meditation: labyrinths have long been used as problem solving and meditative tools. During this time of spring renewal, it has been used to meditate on finding resolution and balancing polarities. Explore your creative possibilities.

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