Spring = Sakura Season!



Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) flowers are on their way! And with it Cosmobotanicals is planning a beautiful surprise for our readers and listeners!

You are cordially invited to our annual:

Sakura Picking Party!



Join us for this special invitation to meet like-mind plant lovers and plant-spirit friends to pick Sakura flowers. Afterward, we’ll come back and make beautiful concoctions! Secret traditional recipes are coming guys! I can’t wait, it will be SOO much fun!

“But bae, you mentioned listeners earlier, I peeped that. Oh what do you mean?!” Yes folks you read correctly! Soon we will all be listening to Adventures in Cosmobotanicals…because we are going to be launching a blogtalkradio channel! aWeSoMe!!! So excited for this new Spring project! Stay tuned!!