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Happy Lunar New Year! + Feb Astrology

monkey-astrologyHere in the west, tomorrow EST February 8/9th, 2016 marks the beginning of Losar, the Tibetan Lunar New Year. 2016 is the year of the Monkey. So what is Monkey energy anyway? Here’s one interpretation from Raven Cypress Wood, an American who is studying Tibetan Bon culture:

“The element which governs the life-force of the Monkey is Metal (space) and its direction is West….Therefore, facing this direction while meditating, doing healing rituals or just relaxing and taking deep breaths is beneficial.” – Read in full on website.

More interpretations to come soon! Check out our facebook page for updates!


February 8th also marks the second new moon of the year! Here are some insights by Mystic Mamma:

“*NEW MOON* in Aquarius, the water bearer. She brings forth a cleansing, the fresh winds blowing heralding change ahead.  We re-focus our vision and open up to the yielding energies of her deep and penetrating truths. That’s where the gold lies. Tap the source to access our original fount. With vision and focus we can let it flow. And into the New Monkey Year we go! “ Click here to read the full article on the website.


Here’s some insight from Venus in the Fifth:

“Aquarius’ liberating energy graces us on February 8th (9:39 AM EST) with a new moon at 19’16 degrees. New Moons are the beginning phase of a cycle. During this time we plant seeds and hopefully they develop and come to fruition during the Full Moon phase. This is the reason why setting intentions during the new moon can be a powerful tool towards bringing awareness….Aquarius is the sign of liberation and freedom. Above all else during this time we need to question what we’re willing to fight for and what our place is when it comes to humanity. The new moons sextile to Uranus/Vesta in Aries brings about a forceful and radical approach to what we’re passionate about….” – Read the entire article on the website.

Check out her coverage of Healing crystals for the Aquarius New Moon. Also see Gala Darling’s New Moon Astrology Interpretation here.

COVERAGE ON THE FEB FULL MOON COMING SOON! Also, learn more about working with Uranius Energy here.

Mineral-of-the-Month: Obsidian. Check out our Mineral Section.


As we celebrate the lunar new year and clearing and cleaning water energy of the Aquarius New Moon, we take time to invite to workshop with us! In February, Cosmobotanical will be hosting our first event of the year: CREATE YOUR VISION: CLARITY THROUGH THE VISION BOARD. FINDING YOUR PATH GUIDE.




Photo credits: Raven Cypress Wood; Soul level solutions.


New to the Melanin Chronicles!


Check out our latest article added to Cosmobotanical’s Melanin + Melatonin Section! (see Research > Scientific Catalog) 😉

Could the melanin found in our bodies and in foods like mushrooms help to mitigate the increasingly dire quantities of radiation we are exposed to daily? Plus- check out those foods that stimulate natural production of melanin in our bodies!

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