Mosquito + Insect Repelling Plants

Rainstorm season always bring out the insects and mosquitos. Here is the newest addition to cosmobotanicals as we explore these plants. Courtesy of the Women’s Health and Wellness Blog, we learn about the different insect repelling plants as describe by them. Here is the line-up!

citronella+plantsCitronella Plant- beautiful flowering plants that also repels mosquitos.

citronella grassCitronella Grass from this grass, industry obtains the oil to make candles and natural insect repellents.

catnipCatnip– is an herb that has been found to be 10x more effective at repelling mosquitos than DEET.

rosemary1Rosemary-is popularly known as a culinary herb but this herb can also repel mosquitos.
1-marigold-john-mcallister Marigold have a particular smell and can be used for this purpose.

mosquito+plantMosquito Plant- its botanical name is Pelargonium citrosum and can be found at an herb nursery.

What are some plants that you use? What do you find works? Share your thoughts with us below!


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