Updated! September Astrology + Herbs~


September 27-28th’s Harvest Moon~

As grandmother moon passes through the shadow of Earth, it will appear in its crescent red dress. Make sure to catch a glimpse of the next lunar eclipse! To view her live online at 7:45pm on this day (9/27) see the link here, although you should really go see her in person. 😉

From space weather.com:

SEPT 11TH GEOMAGNETIC STORM: During the early hours of Sept. 11th, a high-speed solar wind stream hit Earth’s magnetic field. The impact sparked a strong (Kp=7) geomagnetic storm and Northern Lights in the USA as far south as Wisconsin and Washington State. In Alaska, “the entire sky was moving like sea waves in colors of green and purple,” reports aurora tour guide Marketa Murray, who took this picture outside Fairbanks.”

“Planets are gathering in the morning sky. Venus and Jupiter have recently emerged as morning “stars,” rising in the east ahead of the sun, joining Mars in an array of lights that lets early risers view 1/3rd of the solar system at a glance.”

DOUBLE ECLIPSE OF THE SUN: On Sept. 13th, the s

un was eclipsed–twice! No one on Earth has ever seen anything like it. Indeed, it was only visible from Earth orbit. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) recorded the event:

The double eclipse began around 06:30 UT when Earth passed directly between the sun and SDO. The observatory watched as the body of our planet moved slowly across the face of the sun, producing a near black-out. When the Earth finally moved aside about an hour later, another eclipse was in progress. This time, the Moon was in the way. A movie from the SDO science team explains the crazy-perfect alignment required for such a view. Update: This picture shows the Moon and the Earth in front of the sun at the same time.

Equinox Season of Aurora Love~

During changes in season, as we enter into the fall, we witness a convergence of solar wind and magnetic lights which create the beautiful aurora lights. See these amazing displays on spaceweather.com

From Astro-herb, leaflady.org:

Virgo – Virgo rules all the lower lobes of the liver, spleen, large and small intestine, and abdominal region.  It is interesting to consider that statistics show about 75 percent of the corporate world suffer with constipation.  Maybe it’s the perfectionist in Virgo that keeps this segment of the population uptight.  Herbs for Virgo include endive, fennel, licorice root, and skullcap.

Libra – Libra rules the skin, small of the back, and the kidneys.  Libra likes cleansing and toning herbs like angelica, thyme, burdock, and bearberry (uva-ursi).

Mystic Mamma’s astral insights for September:

“Welcome to one of the most powerful months of 2015! With two eclipses, one occurring at a Super Moon, Mercury turning retrograde, Saturn entering Sagittarius, Pluto stationing direct in Capricorn and Venus completing its retrograde journey through Leo…”

Our presence upon this earth comes with power and responsibility and the current times of great change demand that we open our hearts and minds to the implications of both.”

As Venus ends her retrograde phase in Leo on 6th September – during which we’ve had ample opportunity to recognize our unavoidable interdependence – we enter a new eclipse season: a time during which consequences of past actions catch up with us and progress (in any direction!) gathers pace.

“Eclipse seasons often come chock full of surprises and ‘well I didn’t see that coming!’ moments. Except we probably could have seen it coming if we’d been paying more attention! This one lasts until 12th October, during which time circumstances that need to shift will do so, and changes long overdue can take place whether we like it or not! — to read the entire post visit Mystic Mamma’s website.

Read Cosmobotanicals coverage on

Photo credits: Jolinda Case. Space Weather.


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