The Art of War, A Course of Study.


CosmoBotanicals is introducing the Art of War, A Course of Study.

Join us as we delve more into what this means for us personally as we look to look within and overstand our world around us. Here’s an excerpt of what we’ll be talking about shared by Third Eye Activation.

“Many humans, by way of various factors, go through life in a comatose state; unaware and travelling blindly.  The easiest person to control and manipulate is one who has no awareness of self and environment.  The Art of War by Sun Tzu suggests that you should not do battle on unfamiliar terrain.  Therefore, you must know where you are in order to get to where you want to go.”

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Rose + Heather Coconut Soufflé….yummy, but its a body scrub!


Rose + Heather Coconut Soufflé. The Body Scrub.

The body scrubs are here!

Super excited to announce the new body scrubs!! Amazing smells, health benefits and super decadent! (Everytime I think of that word, it brings me back to the dominos commercial of that girl who used it to dique describe the “mystery pizza”…hilarious!) Anyway, these really are luxurious and are really good for your skin. They are made with lots of love and happiness by yours truly.

To purchase and learn more about these soufflés, visit the Cosmobotanical store tab above 😉 Enjoy!