A Meditation on Forgiveness.

Tea steam teachings: Cinnamon and Comfrey Leaf (and Mullein too!)

Last night, I wrestled with emotions of letting go, loss (or suppressed anger of having lost something), trying to forgive. The strong earth bark of cinnamon reminds us of the power of inner strength, of the rootedness of things. Of itself, a plant of higher wisdom and what it is rooted in, the truth.

Comfrey leaf and its ability be compassion in times of wounding. An herb as the name implies, provides comfort, that net of love, of nurture we desire in times of ailment, no questions asked of how. A healing herb that asked not how you got hurt in order to provide less healing, but responds to what you need. As the tinted bubbles of boiling water rose to the surface and popped, they compelled me to do the same and bring to the surface those sentiments held within. To give voice to, just as the bubbles did and then to let go. Recognizing it is not one with it.

Cinnamon and Comfrey Leaf remind us of the important of forgiveness. To be forgiven, we must forgive. To be shown compassion, we must be compassionate. Let us be prone to love, the connective tissue that holds our universe together. It is through forgiveness that we may give ourselves the keys, to access these higher states of being, it is an act. The act of forgiveness is one of unconditional love. We forgive because we recognize that any actions that we may have perceived, could be just that, a perception. A contouring mirror giving us back a piece of ourselves that perhaps we think we do not like and that we recognize in others. But we are much more than this piece contoured. Actually we are not this piece. That person you see reflecting yourself is not that piece contoured. It may appear as such, logic may inform you that yes you were right, you were justified and your emotions will confirm that hurt and anger. But still we are not that piece contoured. That person you see reflecting is not that piece contoured. We are not this delusion we perceive in ourselves and/or in others, we are greater than these thoughts and/or these actions we thought hurt us. Any betrayals are not who they are, not who we are. We are love. Let’s just hope our eyesight is clear. When we forgive we recognize a separation between these two things and realize the God in our sister self. I must be compassionate. This is what connects me to the universe. I seek compassion and forgiveness for this betrayal I allowed myself to register.



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