Cosmo connections and interventions New Year in 2015


Self-Love and Self-Discovery. These are the themes for 2015. To take a bold stand to love yourself courageously and unapologetically.

“Self-compassion is a series of choices…”
~Daphne Rose Kingma, Loving Yourself: 4 Steps to a Happier You 

First up, get an Astro snapshot for 2015 by reading your Natal Chart. From Mystic Mamma, we have two important excerpts and Kaypacha reading, on “I design my new future, I let go of parts of my past. Also see what’s in plan on the universal outskirts with the Mercury Retrograde: January 21st until February 11th 2015~ Read another interpretation in Wisdom Magazine by Stargazing, Elizabeth Joyce. “There are three cosmic events lining up this week: an unusual conjunction, a special New Moon in Aquarius, and the first Mercury retrograde cycle of 2015.” 

We also have herbs for the New Year ~ such as sexy tumeric, ashwagandha and shatavri for a sound body and mind! As well as New Year’s herb soup traditions with a collection of amazing and powerful herbs.


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