Herbs for the New Year ~

As reported by Organic India, if you have new year’s resolutions, you’d like to ensure you take on task and focus! Herbs they are saying that can enhance our ability to focus and increase mental acuity are: Tulsi (Holy Basil)BrahmiAshwagandha and Shankpushpi. Please check back on our blog posts for coverage of these herbs coming soon!

Visit our Astro-ology page for the full cosmic report for the new year (which includes Herbs, Astrology and what’s happening in the Cosmos all-in-one).

For a Yummier Sex Life and on Tumeric, see a clip of their thoughts:

Ashwagandha and Shatavri are champs here as they build up your core energy to the point that you can choose what happens with your inner power: In and up as spiritual power, stabilized in body/mind as a deep systemic restorative, or down and out as sexual power! One Energy, three directions- your choice!”

Turmeric is the best herb I know to simultaneously build blood, clean blood and move blood. Exercise is about getting your body moving, and Turmeric is a bit like exercise in a capsule.”

 Other New Year herb traditions: Nanakusa Gayu ~file

From Japan we have the tradition of “Feast of the Seven Herbs for Health” a rice porridge prepared from seven herbs and eaten on the seventh of January. From Keiro’s, the porridge contains the following herbs. For more information about the traditions or how to prepare this dish visit Keiro’s website here. Coverage on these herbs coming soon in 2015!

  • Water dropwort (seri, Oenanthe javanica)
  • Shepherd’s purse (nazuna)
  • Cudweed (gogyō, Gnaphalium affine)
  • Chickweed (hakobera, Stellaria media)
  • Nipplewort (hotokenoza, Lapsana apogonoides)
  • Turnip (suzuna)
  • Daikon (suzushiro)



Boswellia Sacra Tree (Frankincense)


Frankincense is known to have numerous health benefits. From medicinal uses as an astringent to uterine and womb health. Check out our post on the wonderful and many uses.

Included are special articles with insight in research on treatment for ovarian cancer, its anti-inflammatory properties and on making resins by extracting the healing properties of Frankincense!

UNESCO Celebrates 2015 as the International Year of Light


The International Year of Light and Light-Based Technologies was designated by UNESCO at http://www.light2015.org; what an interesting theme! They have a fascinating line-up of events per country and are also taking proposals if anyone is interested in pitching. Enjoy! For more information, ideas on how to engage or curious panel conferences to attend see our Resources and Links page here. What botanical connections or inner-actions have you noticed with cosmic light? Let’s start the conversation.

Poetry: Woven Dreams Astronomy Genes


Woven into the Recesses of our Minds….

Check out our latest post under the Memory Archives. This week we explore the notion of forgotten languages, inspired by an article reading on the loss of African languages. Writer Mawuna Remarque Koutonin makes a call-to-action to us as inheritors of our rich cultural diversity.

Our latest revolutionary poetry, means to do just that, inspire us and invoke the warrior spirits of life and breath to remind us of our ancient tongue. What we are not finding in our research libraries, just trust that we already know…. Stay tuned for our Woven Dreams guided meditations series, coming soon!

Cosmo connections and interventions New Year in 2015


Self-Love and Self-Discovery. These are the themes for 2015. To take a bold stand to love yourself courageously and unapologetically.

“Self-compassion is a series of choices…”
~Daphne Rose Kingma, Loving Yourself: 4 Steps to a Happier You 

First up, get an Astro snapshot for 2015 by reading your Natal Chart. From Mystic Mamma, we have two important excerpts and Kaypacha reading, on “I design my new future, I let go of parts of my past. Also see what’s in plan on the universal outskirts with the Mercury Retrograde: January 21st until February 11th 2015~ Read another interpretation in Wisdom Magazine by Stargazing, Elizabeth Joyce. “There are three cosmic events lining up this week: an unusual conjunction, a special New Moon in Aquarius, and the first Mercury retrograde cycle of 2015.” 

We also have herbs for the New Year ~ such as sexy tumeric, ashwagandha and shatavri for a sound body and mind! As well as New Year’s herb soup traditions with a collection of amazing and powerful herbs.

Who will you be in 2015?

The Key Ingredient To Becoming Extraordinary: A Lesson From Jerry Rice


Check out this amazing piece from Stephanie Kwong’s website, Fueled by Love:

“Have you ever heard a story so powerful that its impact changed you on a cellular level? I met one of my new mentors and teachers, Bo Eason, this past weekend at a four-day training, and he told a story that did just that — he told a story that changed me, to the very fiber of my identity.”

From Oprah’s Find and Live Your Passion Guide we share two free resources: the Passion Hexagon and Passion Goal Obstacle. Enjoy! 😉