Happy Birthday Cosmobotanicals!!!


Yes its true! This month we wear our birthday suit! HAPPY BIRTHDAY COSMOBOTANICALS!!!! YOU ARE ONE TODAY! LIBRAS are in the house!


Visit the Lehman Greenhouses.

Escape the New York chill with a trip to the Lehman College Teaching Greenhouses located in the Bronx. A sanctuary of botanical delights and exotic plants to marvel.

Check out our post under the tab Project > Gardens > Greenhouses of New York

amd-lehman-greenhouse-jpg Lehman Greenhouse

Powerful Eclipses and Astrological Oct 2014


We witness a collection of glorious celestial events taking place in Libra for the month of October this year 2014. Firstly, we’ll see the Aries Full Moon, the second ‘blood’ moon of the tetrad series, so named for its colour, a most powerful time for causing and creating transformative change in our lives. We also witness Mercury retrograde this month and we’ve included several meditative tips and guidelines for working with these energies! Also featured in our report this month is the Solar Eclipse, the exact times for viewing these events, features from the best astrological compilations on the web, medical astrology, the planets and how they influence our bodily systems, printable cosmo-chart, astrological vid clips and more! It is totally awesome and totally jam-packed with goodness. ❤ ❤ <3!