Meeting Medicinal Mushrooms with Sophia Rose

Female & Fungi

Meeting Medicinal Mushrooms with Sophia Rose

By Andrea Rossi

All photos courtesy of La Abeja’s Blog and Instagram.

The morning was crisp with winter only a few short months away, much cooler at this high altitude. The sun was just beginning to peek over the green forests of Telluride and a small, ambitious group could be found scavenging through the trees with baskets & bags in hand. I was there too, just barely, at the Telluride Mushroom Festival 6:30am Foray, with one broken strap on my left Chaco sandal, the only evidence of my mad dash earlier that morning.

It was on this fungal treasure hunt that I ran into Sophia, a fellow mushroom hunter and Master Herbalist from La Abeja Herbs up from Albuquerque New Mexico. We immediately connected- on the serenity of the forest, on our excitement around the festival, on conversations of heart and herbs. In…

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