Tea of the Week: Soracee

Bitter bitter bitter! Is what I have to say… just what the body needs..


This week I felt the need to assist in bringing on my monthly bodily cleanse. A few things have been going on and so my body called for Soracee to join in. This herb spoke to me one morning as I was going through my pantry for the right tender love and care to caress my sensitivities, while being hearty and grounding. Nothing grounds you better than a few bitters. This packet was purchased for $0.79 in some grocery store in Brooklyn (most likely on Flatbush Avenue). It contained 100% natural dried leaves and stems of the “Soracee” Plant, otherwise known as Bitter Melon, Chin-li-chih, Melao de Sao Caetano (Brazil) or African cucumber. Check out our coverage of the plant in our community index of plants knowledge, under the research tab.

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