Body as Garden


Into the depths of self

Check out the latest Beauty and Health topics added to the Body as Garden Series. Rituals, writings, recipes and community of love and kindness to keep the body, mind and spirit temple cleansed, vibrant and awake.

Detox & Cleansing. We feature the practice of cleansing oneself for purifying and activating the potential of our clarity. Accessing the fullness of our light, clearing our vision of love with the journey of self-love. And a how-to to creating our healing hands.

August theme of the Month: Womb is Love. Just as the orchids open to the sun, our love expands and fills our hearts to overflowing.  From the fullness of that love we offer it to our first lover: our self, our womb. This month will feature a collection of works, rituals, washes, recipes to enrich our experience of love with our selves and our body. Upkeep our fleshy temple and uplift you.


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