New Moon in Virgo


Sharpen your sword and prepare for battle.

This month’s new moon, is the energy to push through. Many obstacles are revealed with the patterns of the planets’ movements and the time has come to eliminate all obstacles that block your path to greatness. To remove them now. Like the samurai, whom without a moments’ hesitation do they chop off the extra fat no longer needed; swift and measured is the name of the game. This month’s astrological reading of the new moon is jammed packed with tools and wisdom to accompany us through this journey of discovering our warrior within.

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Tea of the Week: Soracee

Bitter bitter bitter! Is what I have to say… just what the body needs..

This week I felt the need to assist in bringing on my monthly bodily cleanse. A few things have been going on and so my body called for Soracee to join in. This herb spoke to me one morning as I was going through my pantry for the right tender love and care to caress my sensitivities, while being hearty and grounding. Nothing grounds you better than a few bitters. This packet was purchased for $0.79 in some grocery store in Brooklyn (most likely on Flatbush Avenue). It contained 100% natural dried leaves and stems of the “Soracee” Plant, otherwise known as Bitter Melon, Chin-li-chih, Melao de Sao Caetano (Brazil) or African cucumber. Check out our coverage of the plant in our community index of plants knowledge, under the research tab.

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Frankincense, respiration & womb love…


Frankincense is known to have numerous health benefits. Frankincense resin is collected from the Boswellia Sacra Tree. See our coverage of this wondrous tree under our Research section: Community Index of Plants. Here’s a taste of what you’ll find:

Asthma – Boswellia can play a role in reducing leukotrienes (in short, inflammatory molecules involved in asthma attacks), which causes bronchial muscles to contract. A study, which is featured on our pages, of the herb’s effect on bronchial asthma found that patients who took boswellia experienced decreased asthma symptoms and asthma indicators. 

Emenagogue & Womb Care – Opens the delayed and obstructed menstruation process. It is very effective in curing the symptoms accompanied with Post Menstrual Syndrome and menses like fatigue, headache, nausea, pain in the abdominal region. Frankincense oil regulates estrogen hormone production and therefore reduces the chances of formation of tumors or cysts in the uterus. It also helps maintain menstrual cycles.



We want to remind you this week why you are so inspiring. Courtesy of New York Open Center, they share their six reasons you have to be proud of yourself. And, even if you think some of these don’t apply, remember that you are a work in progress and you are always doing your best. We see that, even if you don’t.Read this, and be proud.



Body as Garden


Into the depths of self

Check out the latest Beauty and Health topics added to the Body as Garden Series. Rituals, writings, recipes and community of love and kindness to keep the body, mind and spirit temple cleansed, vibrant and awake.

Detox & Cleansing. We feature the practice of cleansing oneself for purifying and activating the potential of our clarity. Accessing the fullness of our light, clearing our vision of love with the journey of self-love. And a how-to to creating our healing hands.

August theme of the Month: Womb is Love. Just as the orchids open to the sun, our love expands and fills our hearts to overflowing.  From the fullness of that love we offer it to our first lover: our self, our womb. This month will feature a collection of works, rituals, washes, recipes to enrich our experience of love with our selves and our body. Upkeep our fleshy temple and uplift you.

Astrology August 2014

Astrological Compilation for August 2014:


Age of Aquarius…Astro-Energy Report

Super Moon, Super Month!

by Sarah Varcas

This month see THE Super Moon of 2014 also know as the Aquarius Full Moon on the 10th of August as we continue to travel through the Age of Aquarius and all the pleasures it brings. Read the full post of August’s 2014 Astrological compilation, below is a snippet:

“The month begins with a Grand Trine in Water formed by Venus, Chiron and Saturn, coupled with a square between Jupiter and Mars. There’s a risk of over-doing things emotionally here. We may enter the month with sensitivities running high and an internal dialogue which goes something like this: ‘If I don’t achieve all my goals by the end of this month there’s no hope so it’s time to pull out the stops and let nothing stand in my way, no matter how tough it gets’. At one level it’s an admirable inner dialogue. Commitment and sheer bloody-minded resolve can take us far in this world. But right now it’s wise to take such inner dictates with a pinch of salt and remember that ultimately it’s the universe, not us, who’s in charge of proceedings and to hold rigid expectations of ourselves, other people or life itself, can be a recipe for disappointment and frustration. So be sure to ease off a bit if this particular monologue is playing in your mind as August begins and remember, there’s a whole new month ahead and, quite frankly, anything could happen!”