Medicine Making Basics.

Check out this beatiful post by Mountain Rose Herbs on Medicine Making Basics: Herbal Influsions and Concoctions! Here’s a snippet:

Herbal Infusions and Decoctions

Tea is a water extract of herbs called an infusion.

Medicine Making Basics: Herbal InfusionsCold Infusions

Cold Infusions are ideal for slimy herbs and herbs with delicate essential oils.
A few good herbs for cold infusions include Marshmallow root, Chia seed, and fresh Lemon Balm.

Basic Method

~ Fill a quart jar with cold water.
~ Bundle 1oz of herb in cheesecloth.
~ Slightly moisten the bundled herb.
~ Submerge the bundle just below the water in the jar.
~ Drape the tied end of the bundle over the lip of the jar.
~ Secure by loosely screwing on the cap.
~ Allow to infuse overnight.


~ Place herbs in a quart jar, fill with cold water, and cap.
~ Allow to infuse overnight.


Hot Infusions

Hot infusions draw out vitamins, enzymes, and aromatic volatile oils. A few good herbs for hot infusions include Chamomile, Holy Basil, Ginger, Nettle, Peppermint, and Skullcap.

Basic Method

~ Scoop 1-3 tablespoons of dried herb into a strainer.
~ Heat 1 cup of water until it just comes to a boil.
~ Place strainer in your cup.
~ Pour hot water over herbs and cover to keep the essential oils from escaping.
~ Steep for 15 minutes to 1 hour and strain.

Medicine Making Basics: Herbal Infusions

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