Summer: How to Make Flower Essences


This is the season to celebrate the blossoming and energetic high-point of Flora! Celebrate summer with floral infusions and essence! Flowers imprint their vibrational frequency on the sacred waters, transferring their energetic qualities (and wisdom) to liquid form. Water is highly imprintable, able to crystalize and respond to the most subtle stimuli such as thought form (see our posts on water during the Aquarius and aqueous seasons). With tender, love and care you too can create beautiful liquid love as shown in the photograph above!

Darcy Blue of Shamana Flora shares with us this simple how-to-guide and wisdom’s insight:

“[Flower essences she says] – They are given as energetic medicines-  most often to address the emotional and spiritual spheres or bodies.  Though truly one cannot separate the physical from the emotional and spiritual aspects of oneself, or the healing process. I find it helpful to have these tools to help address these aspects in a gentle and effective way.  They are also very helpful for folks who may not be able to hike long miles to visit a specific tree.  And as things are deeply connected within our bodies and psyche- often addressing emotional aspects will aid the process of healing the physical body.” Read the full article here!

“How to Make Flower Essence” article excerpt and photo are courtesy of

For more information about flower essence, please visit these websites: and Poppy Swap!

herbal roots    sage-mountain



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