About Oolong Tea…

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10 types of Oolong.

Is what we’re gonna showcase soon. Here’s a snippet into the world of oolong…how inciting! More to come! Check back-



7 Herbal Remedies for Stress

Here’s a fun and quirky print out from the SolsticeMed Blog,to keep at your work desk or on your home frig! Enjoy! Additional coverage going in depth into these wonderful herbs to come! Stay tuned….

Download this infographic.


Astrological Compilation June 2014

Walking along the shores of the Uranus Ocean…


…is the theme for this month…

Accompanied by afro-astronaut Audre Lorde this month, we take a trip to the edges of this ocean. See what we see in the stars, lit up by the rare full honeymoon on Friday the 13th. Kaypacha guides us through the alignment of the planets and what they hold in store for us here on Earth. We’ll see what our plant friends have to say. Click on the picture or links above to read the full CosmoBotanicals Planetary Movements Report for June 2014. Stay tuned to this frequency radioheads..