The Importance of Hair

Women have two solar centers.

The Spiritual Nature of Hair by Author: Deva Kaur Khalsa

by Dr. Birendra Kaur.
The Truth About Hair and Why Indians Would Keep Their Hair Long
by C. Young
The story of Sampson and Delilah in the Bible

Celebrating Lady Pioneers in STEM with MIT and friends! Rock On! <3


From MIT’s website:

“For Ada Lovelace Day, a look at 10 women in STEM history from MIT’s rare books collection. Stephen Skuce | MIT Libraries October 11, 2016”

“The MIT Libraries maintain a significant collection of rare books featuring works by pioneering scientists, mathematicians, and engineers from the past six centuries. To mark Ada Lovelace Day — an annual celebration of the history of women in the STEM fields — the libraries present a selection of MIT’s holdings by 10 noted women in STEM. The entries herein are inspired by the new Big Names on Campus blog, which highlights important works in STEM history within MIT’s collections. A slideshow below illustrates the variety of documents in the rare collections and in the stacks. “

AND here’s another article:


“Here are nine Black women who have or who currently are changing the world of STEM and serve as motivation for other Black and Brown girls to pursue their interests in the same fields.” Read more:  Follow us: @ForHarriet on Twitter | forharriet on Facebook

let’s not forget another hidden scientist that gave up her body to science: Henrietta Lacks, The Mother of Modern Day Genomics.


If you haven’t picked up your copy of “The Immortal Life immortal-life_cover_sklo_9781400052189.jpgof Henrietta Lacks” by Rebecca Skloot, please do so!

Ever wonder what a HeLa cell is? Or which first human cells were used to test out the biggest mysteries in modern day science? I invite you to read this book and if you’ve already read it, you are welcomed to leave your thoughts below.

From wikipedia’s quote from this book: “According to author Rebecca Skloot, by 2009, “more than 60,000 scientific articles had been published about research done on HeLa, and that number was increasing steadily at a rate of more than 300 papers each month.”[12] 



If you care to read more about women in science, see these really rare and/or interesting articles! Enjoy 😉


NEW! Mosquito+Insect Repelling: Le Guide


Summertime heat always bring out the insects and mosquitoes. Here is the newest addition to Cosmobotanicals as we explore the plants that can help and other insect repelling know-hows! Click to get “Le Guide” its awesome and its free! Read more.

Spring = Sakura Season!



Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) flowers are on their way! And with it Cosmobotanicals is planning a beautiful surprise for our readers and listeners!

You are cordially invited to our annual:

Sakura Picking Party!



Join us for this special invitation to meet like-mind plant lovers and plant-spirit friends to pick Sakura flowers. Afterward, we’ll come back and make beautiful concoctions! Secret traditional recipes are coming guys! I can’t wait, it will be SOO much fun!

“But bae, you mentioned listeners earlier, I peeped that. Oh what do you mean?!” Yes folks you read correctly! Soon we will all be listening to Adventures in Cosmobotanicals…because we are going to be launching a blogtalkradio channel! aWeSoMe!!! So excited for this new Spring project! Stay tuned!!

Create ur Vision + Manifest ur Mission!


Find your vision + manifest your mission!

Join us for an all-out conquer thyself and thy dreams-Fest!!

We’ll be exploring:

  • the most effective vision boards

  • powerful how-to’s

  • and stick-to’s




the best year ever.


Happy Lunar New Year! + Feb Astrology

monkey-astrologyHere in the west, tomorrow EST February 8/9th, 2016 marks the beginning of Losar, the Tibetan Lunar New Year. 2016 is the year of the Monkey. So what is Monkey energy anyway? Here’s one interpretation from Raven Cypress Wood, an American who is studying Tibetan Bon culture:

“The element which governs the life-force of the Monkey is Metal (space) and its direction is West….Therefore, facing this direction while meditating, doing healing rituals or just relaxing and taking deep breaths is beneficial.” – Read in full on website.

More interpretations to come soon! Check out our facebook page for updates!


February 8th also marks the second new moon of the year! Here are some insights by Mystic Mamma:

“*NEW MOON* in Aquarius, the water bearer. She brings forth a cleansing, the fresh winds blowing heralding change ahead.  We re-focus our vision and open up to the yielding energies of her deep and penetrating truths. That’s where the gold lies. Tap the source to access our original fount. With vision and focus we can let it flow. And into the New Monkey Year we go! “ Click here to read the full article on the website.


Here’s some insight from Venus in the Fifth:

“Aquarius’ liberating energy graces us on February 8th (9:39 AM EST) with a new moon at 19’16 degrees. New Moons are the beginning phase of a cycle. During this time we plant seeds and hopefully they develop and come to fruition during the Full Moon phase. This is the reason why setting intentions during the new moon can be a powerful tool towards bringing awareness….Aquarius is the sign of liberation and freedom. Above all else during this time we need to question what we’re willing to fight for and what our place is when it comes to humanity. The new moons sextile to Uranus/Vesta in Aries brings about a forceful and radical approach to what we’re passionate about….” – Read the entire article on the website.

Check out her coverage of Healing crystals for the Aquarius New Moon. Also see Gala Darling’s New Moon Astrology Interpretation here.

COVERAGE ON THE FEB FULL MOON COMING SOON! Also, learn more about working with Uranius Energy here.

Mineral-of-the-Month: Obsidian. Check out our Mineral Section.


As we celebrate the lunar new year and clearing and cleaning water energy of the Aquarius New Moon, we take time to invite to workshop with us! In February, Cosmobotanical will be hosting our first event of the year: CREATE YOUR VISION: CLARITY THROUGH THE VISION BOARD. FINDING YOUR PATH GUIDE.




Photo credits: Raven Cypress Wood; Soul level solutions.


New to the Melanin Chronicles!


Check out our latest article added to Cosmobotanical’s Melanin + Melatonin Section! (see Research > Scientific Catalog) 😉

Could the melanin found in our bodies and in foods like mushrooms help to mitigate the increasingly dire quantities of radiation we are exposed to daily? Plus- check out those foods that stimulate natural production of melanin in our bodies!

Get on with that cosmic connection! View the GMI WEBSITE Here.

Astrology January 2016

cat comic glasses

We hear from Love Has Won on the Cosmic Solar Alert and its DNA Upgrade, we also here from the Mystic Mamma’s Astrological Insight around the first new and full moons of 2016! Enjoy!


WORKSHOP: CREATE YOUR VISION! Saturday Feb 6th (limited tickets available)


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